Heartwarming Stew

Chitto Babu'r Dokan

Undoubtedly quite a popular eatery, Chitto Babu'r Dokan has been serving the City of Joy for more than 80 years now. The place remains crowded throughout the day and is a hot favourite among commuters in the city's central business district. The USP of the place, apart from its inherent nostalgia factor, is the use of fresh ingredients every day. When it comes to taste, a delightful hint of black pepper and cinnamon hits your tongue as soon as you take the first spoonful of chicken stew. The fresh vegetables add to the taste and the chicken is a wholesome breast piece with tender fibres and succulent meat. The mutton stew on the other hand tends to be a little bit off the mark when compared to the chicken stew. The mutton stew is comparatively blander and not too much spices are used to overcome the natural flavour of the meat. Moreover the meat is not as tender as in the chicken stew. The service is fast and the place also serves as a major adda zone.

Central Excise Tent

Soft tender pieces of mutton in a soup that almost has a creamy texture and vegetables that melt in your mouth. The meat is so tender that it almost falls off the bones letting you experience the creaminess of the stew. They serve the stew with a dollop of melted butter and garnished with freshly grounded pepper on top. The place is frequented by people who visit the tents of the clubs at Maidan. Heated debates about sports add to the ambience and you even meet players as well while digging into one of the most delicious stews in town. The service is prompt, the premises are clean, hygiene is well maintained and finally, the place offers an awesome taste that is hard to match.

Deepak Ghosh's Stall

Frequented by the office goers, this place is perfect for a quick refill and for watching the hustle and bustle of Kolkata's central business district. The vegetable stew is the most popular item on the menu as it is dirt cheap and filling enough for a single person. The chicken stew is a slight let down as the soup is watery thin.