Located in Kalighat this place has been serving up quality stuff since ages and even today the quality of their products is top notch. This shop is situated on the main road near Tapan Theater hall. The shop is very small but food quality is very good. Each and every item is just superb, from Radaballavi to Fish Fry. In one sentence, here, all the food items are just "lajawab". It is extremely popular among the locals and for good reason too.

It is crowded almost each and every afternoon. The Fish Fry and the Fish Kabiraji are the most popular products here and they are simply superb. The Fish Fry here is one of the best and too tasty. The fillet of fish they use is incredibly thick. The quality of the fish used is also extremely good for making all the fish preparations extra special.

Here, The Mutton Keema cutlet is another special item. The nicely chopped minced mutton pieces fried to perfection is an absolute delight. The Kabirajis are light and crisp and really good. You can also have simple Dim-er Devil, fish chop, radha ballavi etc. which are decent too.

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50B, Sadananda Road,
Kalighat, Kolkata
Phone No. +91 9836561579