Bandhakopi Peas Curry

Bandhakopi Peas Curry


Cabbage: 1 medium
potato: 2 medium
Tomtao: 1 big
green chillies: 2
Green peas: 1/3 cup
Ginger paste: 1 tbsp
Cumin powder: 1 heaped tsp
coriander powder: 1/2 tsp (optional)
chili powder: 1/2 tsp
garam masala powder:1/4 tsp
sugar: 1/2 tsp
whole cumin seeds: 1 tsp
turmeric powder:1tbsp
oil: 3 tbsp (Mustard or refined)
ghee: 1 tsp (optional)


1. First thing first wash, peel and cut the potatoes in cubes, keep aside.

2. Mix ginger paste, cumin-coriander powder, chili and turmeric powder in 1/4 cup water. keep aside.

3. Finely shred the cabbage and place in a big bowlful of water, shredding the cabbage real fine does add to the taste.

4. Heat the oil in a big pan or Kadhai. though the cabbage shrinks when it gets cooked but in the beginning you need much space to stir it.

5. Once the oil is hot add the cumin seeds and slit green chilies. once they start to splutter add the potato cubes and a pinch of salt. cook on medium till they turn light golden. add in the mixed spices and salt. stir and cook till you see oil separating at the sides. add the tomato cut in quarters and mix everything well.

6. After 4-5 minutes once the tomato is saucy and the raw smells are gone drain and add the shredded cabbage. Stir to combine well. Cover and let it cook on medium flame for 7-8 minutes.

7. Sometimes cabbages are very fresh and leave a lot of water. In that case don't cover the pot and just cook up the moisture by stirring at regular interval.

8. Open the lid, mix in the peas and again let it cook for 5-7 more minutes or till the cabbage is cooked (not crunchy but not mushy either) and the dish is almost dry.

9. Adjust the seasoning by adding sugar and salt if required. Finally sprinkle the garam masala powder and the ghee. serve hot with steamed rice and any kind of Dal (Lentil dish)