Chacha's Hotel

Chacha's Hotel was earlier located right next to Swami Vivekananda's ancestral house. Only a few years back, they have situated to this new corner. If you are a heritage building hunter driving down one of the busiest roads of Calcutta, you'll find this restaurant located in Vivekananda's Road Crossing. For this 150 year old restaurant the food says it all.

Chachas Hotel is one of the most iconic and probably the oldest running restaurant in north Kolkata, some of the locals claim that Swamiji used to frequent here and relish their fowl cutlet. Cutlets and fish fries are legendary, and they still present it proudly, which holds up to the reputation. The ambience has been improved, after it moved to the opposite pavement of Swamiji's ancestral house.

A Sunday evening will be the ideal time to be here with your friends/family so that you may get engrossed with the buzz of this place, but try avoiding this place during festival time. The tandoor section of this restaurant is very fascinating and very versatile. For a change have a few cold drinks to gulp everything down. Overall good ambience, good food and a heritage eat out like this in Calcutta will surely leave a mark in your memory

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Chacha's Hotel
Address :
42, Bidhan Sarani, Hatibagan,
Kolkata- 700006
Phone No. 033 22412876