The romance of Bengali cuisine is legendary.

The Mughal Era, British Raj… each event in the history of Bengal is added a bit to its cuisine. Today, you can savor the wonderful flavors of Bengal at Charnock’s.

With an emphasis of fish, vegetables and lentils served with rice as a staple diet, Bengali cuisine is known for its subtle, yet sometimes fiery flavours,. It also has the only traditionally developed multi-course tradition as food is served course-wise rather than all at once.

Daab Chingri today is synonymous with classic Bengali cuisine. It may surprise you to know that this iconic dish was invented in the kitchens of Charnock’s. Now available at any restaurant serving Bengali cuisine, sadly the original recipe has been tampered with and abused in some cases. Experience the original… only at Charnock’s.
Also try our very authentic Bengali desserts.

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