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Darjeeling tea is world renowned after all. Also called the 'Champagne of Teas', You can taste and buy the best teas in the market & at Tea Cosy, the tea parlors with an excellent environment located inside the Rink Mall and at the Golden Tips Chowrasta.

Joey's Pub

Pop into Joey's Pub for some cheap beer, great hospitality, cricket on TV etc. A British-looking pub popular with travellers. A good place to pick up trekking information and travel partners to fill a jeep to Sikkim or down to the plains.

Kho Cha, Laden La Road

+913542257308. a snazzy Tea Boutique having a very wide frontage even though the place is not all that big. Over 50 kinds of finely packaged teas from Darjeeling & other areas in India. Oolong, black, green, white, CTC, Spiced, herbal & many more. Besides, they also have almost 25 kinds of estate teas to see, taste & select The place even has of a small 4-seater tea bar with a proper Tea Menu ! Interesting and very well located. Few accessories are also available. Teas can also be bought from their online website which is quite nice.

Happy Golden Cafe

Happy Valley Tea Estate, At the end of the T P Banerjee Road - a small, steep road off Hill Cart Road (Approx 3km from Chowk Bazaar, 1km from Botanical Gardens). Daily working schedule from 8am to 4pm from Tuesday to Saturday is observed here. This tea estate is within walking distance of Darjeeling. You'd get there quicker walking anyway as the traffic on Hill Cart Road is always terrible. The walk back up to Hill Cart Road is quite steep (not recommended for anyone who's feeble) but it's worth it. You'll need to pay a guide a small fee to show you around the factory (around Rs.50-70) The best quality tea at the Happy Valley Tea Estate is known as SFTGFOP (Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) - seriously. Make sure you also visit the Happy Golden Cafe in the small shack-like building nearby. Depending on availability, a cup of delicious SFTGFOP tea will set you back a mere Rs.50

Chogyalzzz restaurant

Situated at unique market,Chowk Bazar. (near Goenka petrol pump). a small family run joint serving authentic and delicious nepali food. make sure you try the pork and the authentic dalle(nepali chillies) chutney. Contact. ☎ 9832545494

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