Deepavali, or Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals of India as well as Bengal and it carries a message which is applicable to everyone despite of their background, culture, religion or belief.
It signifies the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness. This festival of lights brings wisdom, truth, prosperity and peace in life.
In this festival people become more joyous and exchange various gifts to the near ones and friends relatives. Every houses is decorated with Colourful lights and candles and play firecrackers On this Occasion Special Dishes and sweet items are prepared to offer to the Goddess Kali and Laxmi. The Shops prepare special food items. Restaurants and Hotels offers Dewali menus

The list of Some Items are given below.

1) Narkel Naru, Darbesh, Badam Phirni, Gulab Jamun, Peda, Besan Ke Ladoo, Jalebi, Rasmalai, Channar Payesh, Kesar Kaju Barfi, Kheer, halwas or puddings
2) Khichuri, bengali matar kachori polao ,AlurDom, Labra, Illish Maach Bhaja ,Chutney, Pathar Niramish Jhol.