Dimer Devil

Dimer Devil

Dimer Chop is one of the most famous "Street Food" & "Snacks" of Kolkata. Kolkata is very famous for their Street Food, Tele Bhaja (deep fried food). These devils are made with half hard boiled eggs, wrapped with potato mixture, dipped in batter, coated with bread crumbs and then deep fried.


6 eggs
2 tbsp filling (use potato mixture for filling)
1 tbsp flour mixed in ¼ cup water
1 cup oil


1. Hard boil the eggs and halve them lengthwise.

2. Scoop out the yolks and mash them with the filling.

3. Put the two halves together and dip the eggs in the flour and water batter.

4. Roll in the breadcrumbs and fry in hot oil in a wok over medium heat until golden brown.

5. The eggs need not be crumbed, in which case, the batter should be a little thicker, enough to make a thin coating on the egg.

Bangla Ranna: The Bengal Cookbook: Minakshee Das Gupta
Publisher: UBS Publisher's