Elojhelo Gaja

Elojhelo Gaja


Sugar - 250 g
Water - 4 tbsp
Flour - 250 g
Ghee - 3 tbsp
Refined oil - 2 cups


1. Boil the sugar and water and prepare a syrup of 2-thread consistency. That is, a little syrup stretched between the thumb and forefinger should form 2 threads.
2. Mix the flour and ghee together.
3. Knead to a semi-hard dough. Knead very well till smooth and elastic.
4. Divide it into even sized balls.
5. Roll out into thin puris about 7.5 cm in diameter.
6. Make a few slits in the centre, taking care that the ends are intact.
7. Gather the ends together and press to seal. The middle portion should remain loose and the cuts should show.
8. Heat oil in a karahi. Deep fry these "Gajas" a few at a time till they are a light golden.
9. Dip the fried gajas in syrup. Let them remain for 2 minutes.
10. Take them out and keep aside to dry.

Bangla Ranna: An Introduction to Bengali Cuisine: Satarupa Banerjee
Publisher: Orient Longman