Gol Bari Restaurants

For the bengali, by the bengali and of the bengali. Golbari serves the most favourite bengali dish Kosha Mangsho (Mutton Curry) in its tastiest avtaar and this is the dish you will smell in every bengali home on Sundays and a must in bengali marriages.

Located on Shyambazar crossing which is very easy to locate. On entering it appeared to be very small and cramped with chairs on which you could barely sit and finish your meal and scoot. Kosha Mangsho (i.e. Mutton Kosha) and Parathas are one of the best menu served here. The mutton is out of the world the best kosha mangsho amongst in the cafes of North Kolkata, it is rich, perfectly spiced with the correct hotness and soft.

The soft parathas complimented the mutton like a match made in heaven. The name of Golbari itself speaks of heritage, age old culture and somewhat a lost tradition of North Kolkata, it speaks of bygone times, and more aptly the famous Kosha Mangsho also seems to be a reminiscent of the past

Menu Card

211-A, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road
Shyam Bazar
Kolkata - 700004
Phone No. 033 2554 6096
facebook: Golbari-Kosha-Mangsho