Hindustan Sweets

Hindustan Sweets

This sweet shop is located at a reasonably close vicinity to Gupta Brothers, but that does in no way diminish its attraction. This sweet shop also has a variety of desserts which are unique to it. You can try the ‘jalebis’ in the morning which are very tasty, also the ‘bhaja-mishtis’ (sweets which are deep fried and immersed in thick sugar syrup) are excellent. Do try their range of herbal-mishti.

Sweets of Bengal are really delicious. The features of them are that they are made of milk, sugar, ghee (Butter oil) and other natural ingredients. The most traditional sweets are Rossogolla, Sandesh, Pantua, Misti Doi etc. Sweets prepared in Hindusthan Sweets' workshop is pure, hygienic and taste is just fantastic. Hindusthan Sweets is a major sweet chain shop establishment, in South Calcutta and would extend its service to other parts of Calcutta and outside West Bengal in India by offering franchisee.

Contact Details:

Contact Person- Mr. R. K. Paul
87A, Ibrahimpur Road, Jadavpur Road, Kolkata- 700 032.
Phone: 91-033-2412 2797 / 98 / 6048
website: www.hindusthansweets.com
E-mail: info@hindusthansweets.com

Source: www.hindusthansweets.com