Ilish Maacher Dim Bhaja

Ilish maacher dim bhaja


Fish eggs with sac 2
1 tsp of turmeric powder
1 tsp of salt
2 tbs of besan
3 tbs of mustard oil


1. First wash the egg with sac gently in water, handle the egg sac with care, make sure it doesn’t get ripped of.

2. Now marinate with turmeric powder, salt.

3. Coat well with Besan, Tip- this will make the frying easy.

4. Heat up kadai , add mustard oil, release the egg sac one at a time gently and quickly lower the flame , fry the side for 5-6 mints at low, flip the side gently and fry at low for 7mints .

5. Take out and drain in paper towels, serve with onions or warm cooked rice, we prefer the later.

6. Also you can mix in egg with besan, salt, turmeric powder and make small round patties , gently press them and fry at low for 4 -5 mints at low .