Jhal Muri

Jhal Muri


Muri-2 cups
Onion chopped-1 medium
Sprouted black Bengal gram (kala chana) boiled-1/4 cup
Cucumber 1/2 inch pieces-1 small
Tomato 1/2 inch pieces-1 small
Green Chillies chopped-2
Roasted peanuts skinned-2 tablespoons
Fresh coriander leaves chopped-2 tablespoons
Mustard oil taken from a pickle- 2 tablespoons
Fresh coconut sliced thinly-for garnish
For masala-Red chilli powder-1/2 tablespoon
Black salt (kala namak)-1 teaspoon
Roasted cumin powder-1 tablespoon
Chaat masala-1 teaspoon


1. In large bowl combine muri, onion, sprouted chana, cucumber, tomato, green chillies, peanuts, coriander leaves and toss to mix well.
2. Add mustard oil and jhaal muri masala and toss again to mix well. Serve immediately garnished with sliced coconut.

Source: www.sanjeevkapoor.com