Kalika Mukhorochok Telebhaja

If you have come near College Street in north/central Kolkata (Calcutta) and have not tasted the deep-fried snacks (Tele Bhaja) from "Kalika" then you are really missing something that can not be expressed in words. Kalika is a shop specializing in cutlets in central Kolkata. Frankly speaking I have had the best Beguni (fried slices of Brinjal dipped in gram flour batter) of Kolkata (Calcutta) in "Kalika Mukhorochok Telebhaja

The roadside snacks shop is very small and it will be on your left if you take Surya Sen Street Towards College Square. The Address is 29, Surya Sen Street. It was established in the year 1965 by Mr. Sukumar Dutta, a freedom fighter, on the auspicious day of Kali Puja (Diwali). His main aim was to treat Kolkatans (Calcuttan during those days) with the best deep-fried snacks in the city. The Begunis here are not only Bigger in size but also tastier than Kolkata's any other snacks shop's Begunis.

Menu Card

Addres :
29, Surya Sen Street,
Kolkata - 700009