Kapila Ashram

Legendary 100 year old Kolkata sharbat shop that still serves some unique hand churned sherbets. This shop is located in an approx 100 yr old building that once housed what it seems, a decent hotel. It is located in a place called Simla (yes, Simla in Kolkata) – same locality where Swami Vivekananda was born & he grew up. The sherbet counter is located opposite the Bombay dyeing store on Bidhan Sarani. The place is so small that you hardly notice its existence unless you are aware of its legendary presence . "100 years at your service " is how the nameplate on top introduces the shop.

The sharbat shop has two parts – one serves hand churned dahi based drinks & the other serves syrup & water based drinks. Renowned sherbets are generally 3 kinds of drink – Kesar Malai, Rose Malai & Abar Khai (meaning ‘I want to have it again’). The syrups r made from fruits by these people & then mixed with water or soda b4 serving. They had about 10 types of sharbats in this section. This place is over 100 years old! and this is the only place in north Kolkata which can give the Paramount a tough competition when it comes to delicious and refreshing Sherbats!

Apart from that they sell fruit cake! The most surprising thing is the demand for cakes of this shop during Christmas. People literally stands in a queue and wait long for their turn. The fruit cakes are really delicious!

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