Maacher Jhuro

Maacher Jhuro

A fish with few bones like surmai or bhetki is preferred or you can use very mature rohu.


Fish - 250 g
Large potatoes - 2
Large onions - 2
Raisins - 15
Mustard oi - 1/3 cup
Bay leaves - 2
Paanch phoran - ½ tsp
Green chillies - 4
Chilli powder - ½ tsp
Turmeric - ½ tsp
Salt - to taste


1. Cut the fish into small pieces.
2. Dice the potatoes and onions.
3. Soak the raisins.
4. Heat half the oil in a karahi. Fry the fish lightly. Keep aside.
5. Add the remaining oil to the oil left in the karahi. Temper with bay leaves and paanch phoran.
6. When the spices pop, put in the potatoes and onions. Fry well.
7. Add the fish, stir.
8. Add the raisins, slit green chillies, chilli powder and turmeric. Fry well, sprinkling a little water.
9. When a nice aroma emanates, add VA cup of water and salt. Cover.
10. Cook, stirring often, till the potatotes are done. Never mind if fish get broken. All the ingredients should be well 11. mixed and the water should evaporate.
12. This is a very dry fish. It goes well with rotis and parathas.

Bangla Ranna: An Introduction to Bengali Cuisine: Satarupa Banerjee
Publisher: Orient Longman