Bengali Marriage Cuisine

When one attends a Bengali wedding, the first question that one has to answer is "Ki kheli re?"( what did you get to eat) ? Bengali weddings are a feast for the senses, the smell of fresh flowers decorating the house, the sight of a blushing bride, the touch of haldi on the skin, the sense of excitement in the air, and above all the taste of a mind boggling number of delicacies specially prepared for the grand occasion.

A bengali wedding comprises 4 main events: Ai buro bhaat, gae holud (haldi ceremony), bie (wedding main), bau bhaat

Nowadays it is a trend to have multi-cuisine buffets. Yes, it does provide more choice to the guests, maybe is in tune with changing taste buds, and is convenient as guests don’t have to wait for their turn to eat. But I miss the charm of the good old fashioned wedding dinners. Nowadays caterers have their own servers for increased convenience.

  • Salad
  • Fish Roll / Fish Fry / Fish Orley
  • Luchi / Radhaballavi / Peas Kachuri
  • Chholar Dal / Moong Dal
  • Aludom / Alu Cauliflower Curry
  • Fried Rice / Polao
  • Rohu Fish Korma / Kalia / Dompokto
  • Mutton or Chicken Masala / Korma / Curry
  • Chutney
  • Papad
  • Rasagolla
  • Sandesh
  • ice cream
  • Pan