Muger Puli

Muger Puli


Mung dal - 205 g
Salt - 1 pinch
Semolina -75 g
Coconut, grated -1½ cups
Patali gur -100 g
Ghee or oil - for deep frying


1. Roast the mung dal in a dry karahi, stirring well till the dal starts to pick up brown spots and you get a lovely aroma.
2. Remove and wash the dal well. Boil in a degchi till just done. Strain. Do not use a pressure cooker as the dal will get overcooked.
3. Knead the strained dal, adding salt and semolina, into a dough. Keep covered.
4. For the filling, cook coconut and grated patali gur together on medium heat in a karahi. Stir well till well mixed and soft.
5. Divide the dal and coconut mixture into 20 portions each.
6. Stuff one part of the filling into one part of the dal mixture and prepare sausage-shaped pulis.
7. Heat enough oil or ghee in a karahi for deep frying. Fry the pulis, a few at a time, till golden.
8. It tastes equally good hot or cold.

Bangla Ranna: An Introduction to Bengali Cuisine: Satarupa Banerjee
Publisher: Orient Longman