Murshidabad-er Chhanabora

For those with a sweet tooth, Berhampore’s chhanabora made with cottage cheese, and other sweets likemanohara (made with fried boondi) and even savoury khaja (deep fried snacks), are things to die for.

Nothing special in Murshidabad particularly for Kolkatans. Nawabi Ghee-e bhaja chhanabora has been replaced by Dalda-bhaja one. Still Kolkatans can relish sweets and curd of Murshidabad because those are much cheaper here.


For : 10 Pieces of Chhanaboras


For the Bora
170gm Cottage Cheeese
10gm Sugar for mixing
10gm plain flour for atta
5 pods of cardamom

For Sugar Syrup
700gm Sugar
2 litres water

To Deep-fry
Ghee to fill half the wok


1. Mix the cottage cheese with sugar, the crushed cardamom seeds and flour. Knead the dough till smooth.
2. Divide the dough into 10 portions, make balls of each
3. Deep fry the balls in boiling ghee for 15 minutes till they are deep brown. The chhanaboras must stay soft inside
4. Take the boras out of the wok and put them in sugar syrup, made by mixing sugar and water
5. The boras must be kept there to cool, Chhanaboras taste best when served cool

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