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Poush Parbon

In West Bengal, Sankranti, also known as Poush Sankranti named after the Bengali month in which it falls (last date of "Poush" month), is celebrated as a harvest festival Poush Parbon (পৌষ পার্বণ). The freshly harvested paddy along with the date palm syrup in the form of Khejurer Gur (Bengali: খেজুরের গুড়)and Patali (পাটালি) is used in the preparation of a variety of traditional Bengali sweets made with rice flour, coconut, milk and 'khejurer gur' (date palm jaggery) and known as 'Pitha' (পিঠে). All sections of society participate in a three-day begins on the day before Sankranti and ends on the day after. The Goddess Lakshmi is usually worshipped on the day of Sankranti. In the Himalayan regions of Darjeeling, the festival is as known as Magey Sakrati. It is distinctly associated with the worship of Lord Shiva. Traditionally, people were required to take a bath before sunrise and then commence their pooja. The food that is consumed consists primarily of sweet potatoes and various yams.
Some of the most common pithas found in Bengal include the following:

Pati Shapta Pitha

This is a traditional Bengali pancake recipe where the pancake are stuffed with Kheer or khowa.This Bengali take on the French crepe is made from rice flour and filled with sweetened coconut and nuts. Most often made during Makar Sankaranti or Poush Sankaranti (Indian Harvest Festival), this delectable combination of a soft crepe and sweet filling, harvests many delicate flavours...More

Puli Pitha

Doodh puli has a outer shell made of rice flour and an inner filling made of Coconut and sugar. The shell is commonly made into half-moon shape, this is called puli. After these pulis are prepared, are either boiled in thickened milk/doodh, sweetened with jaggery. So got the name, "Doodh puli"....More

Chitui/Chitoi Pitha

Chitoi pitha is a very tasty and popular pitha in bangaldesh also. Chitoi Pithas are often served with sweet syrups such as date tree molasses (Bengali: খেজুরের গুড় khejurer guṛ)...More

Khir Puli Pitha

Kheer Puli Pitha is very delicious & easy to make. It was originated in Bengal & generally made in Bengali traditional occasion named Poush Parban...More

Asrish Kakara Pitha

Kakara pitha is a sweet deep-fried cake from Odisha offered to God and served hot or cold on many festivals...More

Gokul Pitha

Gokul pithe is a fried and syrup soaked dessert traditionally made with flour and coconut. These are widely available in almost all sweet shops in Bengal during this season...More

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