Bardhaman-Sita Bhog

Sita Bhog

This is actually a Bengali Special Dish called Sita-Bhog. A myth about this sweet’s name is that this Sweet is one of the favorite sweet of Mata Sita. Mainly this recipe is famous in Bardhaman, a district of West Bengal. But Nowadays in West Bengal including Kolkata at each and every sweets shop you will find it. Sometimes it’s White and sometimes its Yellow. But about the taste of it, simply you cannot resist your mouth. As the whole preparation is little difficult than other sweets so price wise its little costly too.


1. Basmati Rice Flour: 500gms
2. Ghee: 100gms
3. Paneer Cheese: as Much Required
4. Sugar: 2 cups
5. Water: 2 cups
6. Saffron: 5-6 strings
For Nikhuti
1. Milk Powder: 2 cups
2. Maida: 1 cup
3. Soda-Bicarbonate: 3pinch
4. Ghee: 3 Spoons
5. Curd: As much Required


1. In a Mixing Bowl add rice flour, Ghee as much required. Make smooth dough.
2. Add grated paneer cheez and mix well to make smooth dough. Keep aside for half an hour.
3. In another pan add water and sugar and put it into the oven, Heat until it makes a light syrup.
4. Add little saffron for flavor and color. Heat ghee in a deep frying pan. Now with a perforated Ladle prepared dough has to be strain like vermicelli into the Pan-Fry for sometimes then put it into the Syrup.
5. Keep 10-15 mins. And spread on the tray to make it cool.
6. For Nikhuti In a Mixing Bowl add Milk powder, Maida, Soda-Bicarbonate,3 spoons ghee and curd as Much required to make a dough.
7. Heat ghee in a deep frying pan.
8. In another pan add water and sugar and put it into the oven, Heat until it make a light syrup. Make small 15-20 oval shapes and fry until golden brown in color. Put into the hot syrup.